About Us

A legacy of being on

the leading edge.

Founded in 1993, ProFILE serves clients in the healthcare, financial, legal and professional services industries, to name a few. Originally offering secure storage to our clients, we have greatly expanded to now offer a full suite of services, including shredding, scanning and microfilming, online storage, tape rotation and more. We continue to stay on the leading edge of our industry by remaining active in multiple trade organizations, including NAID, PRISM, and ARMA which ensures our adherence to the latest and best practices in our industry.

ProFILE by the Numbers

ProFILE’s data shredding efforts save more than just money…they protect our environment. In 2017, we saved

  • Over 7,300 trees
  • 3,000,610 gallons of water
  • 33,925 gallons of oil
  • 2,642,712 kw of energy
  • 25,766 lbs. of air pollution effluents
  • 1,417 cubic yards of landfill space