Secure Shredding

Reduce shredding costs and worries

with the Shred Monster.

At ProFILE, we do more than store or shred your important company documents and records*. We protect your company’s good name and reputation. We carefully manage the entire shredding process, including pick up, sorting, shredding, bailing and sending the final product to a recycling plant. This ensures that your sensitive data is not compromised.

We are northern Michigan’s leading provider of businesses record and information management solutions. And we deliver what’s really important to your business…real peace of mind.

Savings you can see

If you’re still shredding your documents at your office, it’s costing you time and money… not to mention potentially putting you and your company at risk for security and regulatory issues. Look at the cost comparisons when working with ProFILE.

You shred: **

  • Four hours per month = $52
  • Eight hours per month = $104
  • 12 hours per month = $156
  • 16 hours per month = $208

ProFILE shreds:

  • One cabinet = $45/month
  • Two cabinets = $70/month
  • Three cabinets = $95/month
  • Four cabinets = $120/month

*View list of important documents and records, and retention schedule here.

**Shred cost comparisons include only labor costs. Many companies who self-shred have to purchase a new shredder each year, due to wear and tear.