Records Management & Storage

Smart companies

think inside the box.

Why store your important documents* in an unsecure, unorganized self-storage unit? It puts you and your company at risk…not to mention the cost and inconvenience. ProFILE offers safe, easily accessible storage solutions in our fully secure, 50,000 square foot facility. With ProFILE, you get:

  • Speed – We can access your files in just minutes with our computerized, bar-coding system and get them to you normally the same business day.
  • Accuracy – No more misfiling and we can deliver it right to you.
  • Security – Your files are safe from fire, theft, and unauthorized access in specially built storage containers. Only the person(s) you designate are provided access.
  • Savings – No more wasted time accessing files. No more boxes taking up valuable office space. No more rental unit fees. No more worries…period.
  • Longevity – Our shelving and storage containers were developed specifically for long-term storage of records and media…they’re built to last!

*View list of important documents and retention schedule here.